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Smartphone Apps

Communication Solution GmbH has developed a series of Smartphone Apps for its popular Newcomer Guide publications. These Apps for both Apple and Android devices are an effective way to reach the international community before and during their stay in Germany.

Editorial content from the Newcomers Guide has been integrated into the Apps, but also enhanced for mobile technology with geolocation and browser funcationality. These Apps are free of charge and available through Apple iTunes and Google Play.

The innovative use of Smartphone techology is part of a cross-media approach (print & digital) which makes the Newcomers Guide both highly effective and accessible for the international community living and working in Germany. If you are interested in advertising or marketing through the Smartphone Apps, please contact us here.

For more information about these Smartphone Apps, please click on the links below:

Our Featured Event

On Monday 3 April the International Stammtisch features a discussion about The Future of Europe. Our first speaker Nick Jefcoat, chairman of the German-British Society Rhein-Main, will examine the effects of Brexit on the Rhein Main region. Then Klaus Klipp will introduce the new "Europa-Professionell", a non-partisan political organization which brings together friends and supporters of Europe issues.


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