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Where to Live in Munich & Bavaria

The state of Bavaria is vast and diverse. Its 12.5 million inhabitants are all Bavarian citizens (Bavaria is the only state in Germany offering this exclusivity), but only half would actually consider themselves true Bavarians. The other 'Bavarians' belong to the historically rich regions of Franconia and Swabia and thus they see themselves as Franconian and Swabian respectively. For this reason it is rather unwise to treat the whole of Bavaria as a homogenous entity. Bavaria's cities, towns and villages are all very unique. Here is a brief overview of the major cities in the state of Bavaria.

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On Thursday, 3 May, the International Stammtisch will offer a special event at the Frankfurt School of Finance. First Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner will provide insights into Bitcoin and Blockchain technology . Following the lecture, we will tour the new campus, followed by refreshments and networking.


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