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Augsburg city hall Augsburg, an industrious city 50 miles northwest of Munich on the A8 Autobahn, is one of Germany’s oldest and most important settlements.  Dating back to the Roman Empire (the city’s namesake is Emperor Augustus), Augsburg is the main city on Germany’s famed Romantic Road. Over the centuries it was shaped by artisans, traders and bankers. It was the scene of the 1555 Peace of Augsburg, which gave Germany’s feuding Catholics and Protestants brief respite. The birthplace of both Rudolf Diesel (inventor of the diesel engine) and playwright Bertolt Brecht, Augsburg today continues to balance industry and high tech with culture. Augsburg boasts an outstanding university, a technical college and many industries, including machine manufacturing. The 250,000 citizens of Augsburg also enjoy living near some of Bavaria’s most treasured historical sights, including the Renaissance-style Augsburg Town Hall, the Perlachturm, and the 9th century Cathedral. Along with Munich and Nuremberg, Augsburg and its environs form one of the most influential regions of Bavaria. Augsburg is part of the Ulm-Munich ICE line. As of December 2007, Augsburg has a daily French TGV connection to Paris, as well as EC connections to Vienna, Amsterdam and Paris.

For more information please visit the official website at: www.augsburg.de

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