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Ingolstadt Located on the Danube and the A9 Autobahn, Ingolstadt is the sixth-largest city in Bavaria with over 120,000 residents. Many recognize the name Ingolstadt from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, but the city is much more of a vibrant economic center than a fictional home for monsters. Car manufacturer Audi has its headquarters here, as do media merchandise chains MediaMarkt and Saturn. A medieval fortress town, Ingolstadt has a rich history of defense, first as a holding city during the siege of the Swedes in the 17th century and later as a center for Bavarian troops during WWI. Beer lovers will also appreciate that Ger-many's famous beer purity laws (Reinheitsgebot) were proclaimed in 1516 in Ingolstadt. Today, Ingolstadt is also home to a technical college and shares a Catholic university with its neighbor Eichstätt. The city's main train station has high-speed connections to Nuremberg and Munich, as well as other German cities.

For more information please visit the official website at: www.ingolstadt.de

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On Monday 4 December, we will have a very special International Stammtisch with cast members "Jekyll & Hyde" Musical from the English Theatre. Cast members will peform some of the hit songs from the show. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story about a brilliant mind gone awry, Jekyll & Hyde runs from 11 Nov. to 11 Feb. 2018.


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