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Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH

Implementing Climate Protection

Smart and efficient - Bosch Thermotechnology offers its customers throughout the world solutions for their room climate, domestic hot water and decentralised energy management requirements. Highly efficient technologies which also in many cases use renewable energies and make a significant contribution to implementing the energy transition. Bosch Thermotehnology uses its comprehensive know-how - wether in terms of condensing technology, solar thermal systems, heat pumps or combined-heat-and-power - to reduce CO2 emissions: if just the heating systems in Germany were to be upgraded to the latest technical standard, 50 million tonnes of CO2 could be avoided annually.

92 patent applications for new products in 2014 alone are a clear indication of the innovativeness within the company. Bosch Thermotechnology is working consistently on advancing modern technologies even further and setting new standards - for example, with reference to fuel cell heating appliances. The company invests substantially more than 100 million euros a year in R&D - which is no less than you would expect of a company whose slogan is "Invest for life".

Bosch Thermotechnology, based in Wetzlar an Wernau/Stuttgart, manufactures in more than 20 plants in Europe, America and Asia and achieved sales of 3.1 billion euros in 2014. The product portfolio ranges from floor-standing to wall-hung boilers and water heaters to solar thermal systems, heat pumps for heating and cooling and on to large-scale commercial and industrial systems such as industrial boilers, CHP plants and waste heat recovery systems for industrial processes. The products are marketed under the global brand Bosch, the regional brands Buderus and Junkers, which are represented in numerous European markets, and under further strong national brands in various national markets. Bosch Thermotechnology is represented on every continent by wholly owned subsidiaries. In line with the Bosch values, the Thermotechnology Division is also committed to diversity as a benefit of and a prerequisite for global success - to a diverse range of experiences, prospects and life plans which are embodied by the approx. 13,400 employees. In 2014 Bosch Thermotechnology's workforce was made up of 5,800 employees in Germany and 7,600 outside of Germany.

Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH
Sophienstraße 30-32
35576 Wetzlar
Tel: +49 (6441) 418-0
Fax: +49 (6441) 45602

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