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Mittelhessen as a Business Location

As a business location, Mittelhessen is characterized by a strong and diverse contingent of mid-sized companies. But a surprising number of global players are also based in the region. Mittelhessen is centrally located between the Rhein-Main region to the south and the Rhein-Ruhr region to the northwest. The competitive advantage of Mittelhessen is an excellent educational environment combined with a strong base of innovative, mid-sized companies. Mittelhessen has a population of one million and a work force of about 450,000.

The educational landscape in Mittelhessen is excellent. Two of Germany's oldest universities are located in Gießen and Marburg and offer a comprehensive range of courses and degrees. At the same time, the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, with its campuses in Gießen-Friedberg-Wetzlar, offers practical training opportunities. When measured in terms of number of students within its entire population, Mittelhessen ranks number two in Germany. And the competitive advantage of this large student population has been strengthened even further through several programs designed to speed technology transfer from universities to businesses.

In terms of the so-called "soft factors" for investment, Mittelhessen also has much to offer. Gießen is an urban and modern city with a focus on the service sector, while Marburg and Wetzlar have unique historic city centers. Taken together, these three cities in Mittelhessen offer a wide range of cultural amenities. And the 101 towns and villages of Mittelhessen are surrounded by some of Germany's most beautiful landscapes - Taunus, Westerwald, Lahn-Dill-Bergland, Burgwald and Vogelsberg. Not surprisingly, the cost of both commercial and residential real estate in Mittelhessen is much more affordable than in the major metropolitan regions to the south and north.

Because Mittelhessen doesn't have one large city center, the region is very diverse. It is polycentric with three mid-sized cities (Gießen, Marburg and Wetzlar) and five counties (Lahn-Dill-Kreis, Landkreis Gießen, Landkreis Limburg-Weilburg, Landkreis Marburg-Biedenkopf and Vogelsbergkreis). The non-profit regional management for Mittelhessen was created to serve as a cooperation platform for local governments, businesses, educational institutions and trade associations. The three main business locations in Mittelhessen are Gießen, Marburg and Wetzlar. It is worth taking a close look at each city:

Mittelhessen Business Portraits

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