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University Marburg - Alte Aula Originally founded in 1527 as a Protestant institution by Landgrave Philipp, the university ranks as one of Germany´s oldest, continuously operating universities. Today, more than 26,000 students are enrolled at the institution. The Philipps-Universit√§t has 16 different faculties covering a wide range of subjects, including the humanities, natural sciences and medicine. With the exception of engineering, all scientific disciplines are represented.

"Other cities have a university – Marburg is a university." Indeed, in Marburg practically everything revolves around the university. The high number of students strongly influences the cityscape, and the university is the largest employer in town with nearly 6,000 staff members. While many students in German universities complain about overcrowded lecture halls and a sense of anonymity in their town, Marburg enjoys the reputation of being an ideal university town with a well–restored historic city center on the banks of the Lahn River. Thanks to the university´s influence, Marburg has a varied cultural scene and an active nightlife.

The university is located on two different sites. The humanities and arts colleges are concentrated in the city center, while most of the science departments, as well as mathematics, are located in the Lahn Hills (Lahnberge). The university hospital, the particle therapy center, the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, the BSL-4 high security laboratory and the biomedical research center are also based in the Lahn Hills. Both sites are connected by an extensive bus network.

According to a recent survey by the German Research Council, Marburg university students tend to complete their studies up to two and half terms faster than their counterparts at larger universities. Due to optimum study conditions, it is not surprising that the university boasts a long list of well-known professors and distinguished alumni: Denis Papin, Robert Bunsen, Emil von Behring, Alfred Wegener, Otto Hahn and many more. Currently the university is undergoing a comprehensive new construction program in which the humanities department and the university library will be centralized into a city campus facility which will eventually be located near the old botanical garden.

Philipps-Universität Marburg
Biegenstraße 10
35032 Marburg
Tel: 06421 28-20

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