Mathematikum The world's first interactive science center devoted to mathematics offers more than 150 activities which playfully explain often complicated mathematical phenomena. Visitors both large and small wander through the exhibits, and before they know it, they're having fun with math. The museum was an immediate hit when it opened its doors in 2002 and now attracts about 150,000 visitors annually. The museum is the vision of its energetic director, Albrecht Beutelspacher, a professor for mathematics at the University of Gießen. The interactive exhibits are developed by both educators and math students.
The Mathematikum is open seven days a week and is suitable for children 9 years and older. The new Mini-Mathematikum is designed for children aged 4 through 8.
Mathematikum e.V.
Liebigstr. 8
35390 Gießen
Tel: 0641-9697970

Considered one of the most important chemistry museums in the world, the Liebig-Museum offers a unique historical insight into one of Germany's greatest scientists - Justus Liebig. Liebig's work laid the foundation for agricultural and organic chemistry, and his innovative use of laboratory-based teaching methods rank him as one of the greatest chemistry teachers of all time. At the age of 21, Liebig was named professor in Gießen, and today the university is named after him. The museum illustrates how Liebig conducted research during his 28-year tenure at the university and how he developed his teaching methods.
Liebigstr. 12
35390 Gießen
Tel: 0641-763 92

Oberhessisches Museum
The Museum of Oberhessen is spread out over three historic buildings and provides an overview of the history of both Hessen and Gießen. The collection at the old castle (Altes Schloss) features painters from Hessen and a special exhibit on the Thirty Years' War. The Wallenfels'sche Haus (at Kirchenplatz 6) specializes in archeological finds, while the Leib'schen Haus (in the Georg-Schlosser-Straße 2) displays historical artifacts relating to Gießen.
Altes Schloss, Brandplatz 2
35390 Gießen
Tel: 0641-306 24 77

A baroque building in the historic city center houses an ultra modern exhibit about Wetzlar's optical and precision engineering industries. The interactive museum is sponsored by 14 companies and offers a hands-on look into optical systems and their electronics. There are 10 different exhibition areas ranging from infrared technology to nanotechnology. The museum is also a venue for lectures and presentations on science and technology.
Lottestraße 8-10
35578 Wetzlar
Tel: 06441-994 131

This reconstructed village gives visitors a unique insight into life and work in Hessen through the centuries. Numerous half-timbered homes and historical buildings from Hessen's villages and towns were moved to the Hessenpark in Neu-Anspach and carefully restored. The park also connects to hiking trails through the Taunus Mountains. Open daily from March to October.
Laubweg 5;61267 Anspach
Tel: 06081-58 80

Holz + Technik Museum
Unique in the state of Hessen, the Timber + Technology Museum in Wettenberg-Wißmar provides insight into different aspects of lumber: forestry, saw mills, carpentry and energy. The exhibit also explains the environmental and economic importance of lumber and forestry.
Im Schacht 6
35435 Wettenberg-Wißmar
Tel: 06406 - 830 74 00

Mineral Museum Marburg
Natural works of art from Hessen, Germany and around the world can be seen at the Mineralogisches Museum Marburg . Objects on display include a four-ton Desert Rose crystal and a fossilized tree trunk from Arizona, as well as many other stones, minerals and crystals.
Firmaneiplatz; 35037 Marburg
Tel: 06421-282 22 44

Chemikum Marburg
The Chemikum Marburg opened its doors in 2012 and offers 50 different experiments in the areas of chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals and physics ... all under expert supervision. The experiments provide answers to everyday questions and also encourage further investigation. The Chemikum is designed for adults and youth, but also offers experiments for children (4 years and older). Prior knowledge is not required.
Bahnhofstraße 7; 35037 Marburg
Tel: 06421-282 52 52