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Department of Defense Dependents Schools, Europe (DoDDS-E)

The Department of Defense Dependents Schools, Europe (DoDDS-E) supports a SureStart Program, two primary schools, a middle school and a high school on the Hainerberg U.S. Army Garrison in Wiesbaden. Hainerberg Elementary School, Wiesbaden Middle School and Wiesbaden High school are all located in the Hainerberg Housing Area in Wiesbaden, while Aukamm Elementary School is located in the Aukamm housing facility. The schools offer a strictly American curriculum and have North Central Accreditation (NCA). Although the schools are for US military and civilian personnel, the children of contractors and private individuals can attend the school on a space-available, tuition-paying basis. Because the schools are on located on military facilities, students and parents must also have security clearance. Tuition costs are set by the US government and are currently up to $26,000 annually. A full range of extracurricular sports activities is available. Registration is possible year-round. Further information at www.dodea.edu/Europe/

  • Hainerberg Elementary School
    Tel: 0611-408-0354
  • Aukamm Elementary School
    Tel: 0611-70 56 26 1
  • Wiesbaden Middle School
    Tel: 0611-408-0373
  • Wiesbaden High School
    Tel: 0611-408-0351
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