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Launched in 2006, the Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule is a private, trilingual (German, English and Spanish) kindergarten, elementary and secondary school. The school's intercultural curriculum incorporates progressive pedagogy and the immersion teaching method (one person - one language) to achieve language acquisition. All three languages are used to teach subjects such as mathematics, science, music and art. The curriculum is based on the Hessen state guidelines. The private, all-day "G9 Gymnasium," which currently includes grades 5 and 6, is a nine-year secondary school culminating in the German Abitur diploma at the end of grade 13. In 2017, the Erasmus moved into its new campus located in the Eastside of Frankfurt, very close to the European Central Bank headquarters.

Sonnemannstra├če 9-11
60314 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-90743640

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On Monday 4 June we will we learn more about the Welcome Portal - FrankfurtRheinMain. Launched by the Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain, the Welcome Portal  is designed to support international professionals to gain a foothold in region, and also help small and medium-sized businesses to recruit international employees


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