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Lycée Français Victor Hugo de Francfort
Parents wishing to enroll their children in the French educational system will find a veritable campus tucked away in the northwest corner of Frankfurt. Three schools are housed within this sprawling education complex: the preschool (école maternelle), the primary school (école élémentaire) and the high school (lycée). About 1,000 students are enrolled in the private, tuition-based school. Although approximately 70 percent of the students are French or binational, as many as 26 nationalities are represented in the three schools. Annual tuition fees range from 3,730 euros in preschool to 4,590 euros in high school. The school has the Ersatzschule status, which means that 60% of the classes are taught in French and 40% in German. Students who graduate from the Lycée earn not only the French Baccalauréat but also the German Abitur if they choose the "Abibac" diploma track. A prerequisite for primary school entry is sound knowledge of French.

Gontardstr. 11; 60488 Frankfurt/Rödelheim
Tel: 069 - 747 498 0

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