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The educational philosophy of Le Jardin can be summarized in three guiding principles: bilingualism, an open-minded attitude toward the outside world, and a sense of harmony with nature. Le Jardin offers a multilingual (German-English, German-French and German-Spanish) learning environment of nurseries and kindergartens. It maintains seven nurseries in Frankfurt, which are partially financed by sponsors. The Bockenheim nursery (Jardin Palmito) and Jardin am Hof are supported by the KfW Bankengruppe. The Ginnheim nursery (Jardin Rebgärten) and the Rödelheim nursery receive support from the Deutsche Bundesbank, and the Eschersheim nursery (Jardin Eschersheim) is supported by McKinsey. The DWS Kinderkrippe, "Le Jardin," is supported by the DWS Investment and Deutsche Bank. A new nursery "Jardin Hausen" will open at the end of 2014. The nurseries have 10 children per group from two months to three years, and each group has three to four staff members. Le Jardin also operates three bilingual kindergartens in Eschersheim, Rödelheim and Frankfurt Westend. The kindergartens have two sections, each with 20 children ranging from three to six years, and three staff members per section. Care is offered from 8 am to 6 pm year round, with a break during the Christmas period. The locations are all generous in size and include outdoor play areas. The kindergarten monthly fee is 238 euro, while the nurseries cost 288 euro (including food, beverages and hygiene articles). Parents are required to pay a security deposit of 500 euro, which is later reimbursed upon the child's departure. While both kindergartens are open to all applicants residing in Frankfurt, the six nurseries partially offer precedence to the children of parents working for supporting companies.

Kurhessenstr. 92
60431 Frankfurt
Tel: 069 - 138 231 60

Our Featured Event

On Monday 4 December, we will have a very special International Stammtisch with cast members "Jekyll & Hyde" Musical from the English Theatre. Cast members will peform some of the hit songs from the show. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story about a brilliant mind gone awry, Jekyll & Hyde runs from 11 Nov. to 11 Feb. 2018.


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