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Phorms School Frankfurt The Phorms School Frankfurt opened in 2007 as a bilingual, full-day school and expanded in 2010 with a second facility in Steinbach. The primary school in Nordend also offers a reception class for five-year-olds. The facility in Steinbach also has a nursery, a kindergarten, a primary school (including a reception class) as well as a secondary school. The curriculum follows the Hessen state guidelines, however English reading and writing is taught from the start. The educational program is geared towards the German school curriculum and is oriented to the German university-entrance diploma (Abitur), however Advanced Placement (AP) exams are also offered. Tuition fees vary according to family income.

Phorms Frankfurt
Fürstenbergerstraße 3-9; 60322 Frankfurt
Tel: 069 1739 2550

Phorms Frankfurt Taunus
Waldstraße 55; 61449 Steinbach/Taunus
Tel: 0 173 268 19 70

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On Monday 4 June we will we learn more about the Welcome Portal - FrankfurtRheinMain. Launched by the Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain, the Welcome Portal  is designed to support international professionals to gain a foothold in region, and also help small and medium-sized businesses to recruit international employees


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