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There are several organizations catering to the local Muslim population in Frankfurt. The following groups coordinate Muslim activities and serve as access points into the community:


Islamische Gemeinde Frankfurt
Praunheimer Landstr. 19-21
60488 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 069-7891211
Friday prayers at 2pm, Koran studies and lectures 7-9pm. Youth groups
once a week (girls on friday evenings/ boys on sunday afternoon)


Islamische Religionsgemeinschaft Hessen

Ludwigstr. 6
35335 Gießen
Postfach 10 05 45
Tel: 0641-203 6147
Fax: 0641-2036148
Contact:Ramazan Kuruyüz
Email: ramazan.kuruyuez@irh-info.de


Islamische Informations- und Serviceleistungen e.V.

Hohenstaufenstr. 8
60327 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-74386825
E-Mail: iis@iisev.de


Ahmadiyya Gemeinde

Genfer Straße 11
60437 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-50688600
Fax:069-50 68 86 66


Alevite services

Alevitisches Kulturzentrum Frankfurt e.V.
An der Steinmühle 16
65934 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-41 91 16


Shiite services

Imam Sadjad Kulturzentrum e.V.
Orber Str. 49-51
60386 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-90 47 52 75


Sunni services

Islamischer Verein Moschee Tarik Ben Ziad e.V
Mönchhofstr. 24a
60326 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-97 39 03 53
Fax:069-97 39 03 55

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