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Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt

(Orthodox; services held in Hebrew)
Westend Synagogue
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 30; 60323 Frankfurt
Office: Westendstr. 43; 60325 Frankfurt
Tel: 069-76 80 360 (administration)
Rabbi's office: 069-75 11 38

In addition, there are two smaller synagogues in Frankfurt, but their services are limited to some high holidays and special occasions. The Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt can provide more details and is also the main source of information for events and happenings within Frankfurt.


Egalitärer Minjan

This group meets weekly in the Westend Synagogue building, Friedrichstr. 29, alternating Fridays (7 pm Shi'ur on the weekly Torah portion, 8 pm Kabbalat Shabbat services followed by Kiddush) and Saturdays (11 am Shabbat Shacharit services followed by Kiddush, 1:30 pm Shi'ur on political, cultural and socioeconomic topics.) Further information and schedules: www.minjan-ffm.de

There are also two women's groups which meet regularly: WIZO and the "jüdischer Frauenverein," or the Jewish Women's Club.


Synagoge Baumweg

Synagoge Baumweg
Baumweg 5
60316 Frankfurt
Languages: German

Our Featured Event

On Monday 4 December, we will have a very special International Stammtisch with cast members "Jekyll & Hyde" Musical from the English Theatre. Cast members will peform some of the hit songs from the show. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story about a brilliant mind gone awry, Jekyll & Hyde runs from 11 Nov. to 11 Feb. 2018.


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