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Frankfurt Airport - The Busiest Airport on the Continent

Serving more around 60 million passengers per anum, the Frankfurt Airport is ranked among the leading airports in the world. The airport boasts Europe's most extensive air route network: well over 100 scheduled airlines serving about 300 destinations to more than 100 countries.

The Frankfurt Airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 is dominated by Lufthansa and the airlines in the Star Alliance. Terminal 2, with its ultra-modern architecture, hosts many international carriers and features an excellent visitors terrace for plane spotters. The two terminals are connected via an elevated train referred to as the "Skyline". To save yourself some time, make sure to determine the correct terminal (1 or 2) before you depart for the airport.

There are two train stations at the airport, which offer a wide range of local, regional, national and international connections. The Regional Train Station, located beneath Terminal 1 (via Level 0 and the Airport City Mall), is served by the S-Bahn commuter trains and regional express trains. From the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), it takes about 10 minutes to reach the airport via the S-Bahn.

The long-distance train station (Fernbahnhof), which is located beneath the super-sleek office/hotel complex The Squaire, offers links to the German and European high-speed railway networks. This station provides daily connections to 220 different destinations (such as Brussels and Amsterdam). The station is linked to Terminal 1 via the AIRail Terminal connector building and also offers check-in services.

Located at the intersection of the A3 and A5 Autobahn- Germany's busiest and most expressway junction - the airport provides quick access to national and European road networks. Parking at the airport terminal can be expensive - 4 euro an hour or 25 euro per day. You can save up to 53%, if you book ahead of time through the website or if you choose to park in an outlying lot and take advantage of shuttle bus service. From downtown Frankfurt, the airport can be reached in about 15 minutes by car and a taxi costs about 30-40 euros.

The Frankfurt Airport seems to be in a constant state of construction and expansion, and now there are more than 300 shops, restaurants and cafes. Sparkling high-end shops can be found throughout the airport, as well as restaurants, cafes, bars, barbers, dry cleaners and casinos. There is also a post office with late and early opening hours, numerous bank and currency exchange services, and a last-minute travel market. One of the best kept secrets is the Tegut supermarket (Terminal 1, Area C, Level 0), which offers reasonably priced groceries. And the Virgin Store (located in The Squaire complex) offers more than 1,000 daily newspapers in nearly 40 languages via print on demand.

In addition, the Frankfurt Airport also has an excellent website (www.frankfurt-airport.com) with up-to-the minute arrival/departure details, as well as extensive information about the airport. As part of its "Great to Have You Here" campaign, the airport has launched a series of multi-lingual guides in electronic and printed form: the Airport Guide for departing or arriving passengers; the Transfer Guide for connecting passengers; and the Shopping & Dining Guide with a map of shops and restaurants. All these brochures can be downloaded from the airport website. For aviation fans, the airport also offers tours ranging from 45 minutes to three hours with a professional tour guide and bus transfer. More information can be found under www.rundfahrten.frankfurt-airport.de.

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