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A unique cooperation between mid-sized companies and local universities has been created in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region. This project established a scholarship fund for qualified university students which is entitled MMM (Modell Mittelstands-Stipendien Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar), Mid-sized companies finance the academic stipend in particular areas of study, while the universities recommend qualified candidates who match the company's specific requirements. This cooperation works at various levels and can include an internship, dissertation, or even a full-time position after graduation. For more information, consult www.mittelstand-stiftet-zukunft.de.

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On Wednesday 7 March, the International Stammtisch will offer a special English-language tour through the Frankfurt Historical Museum. Learn about Frankfurt NOW and Frankfurt THEN. The first 25 bookings are completely free of charge. The second 25 guests need to pay the entrance fee of €4 p.p. So book early! Deadline: 21.02.2018


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