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Where life happens and enjoyment is the order of the day, where advancement is made and development thrives, where the economy excels and the landscape inspires, where diversity and hospitality are a given - a place you will find easy to call home. Welcome to the Rhine-Neckar region - home to all who want more in life.

146,000 businesses make Rhine-Neckar one of Germany's economic drivers. Innovative spirit has a long tradition here. Professionals have excellent opportunities in the region. A readiness to learn, a thirst for knowledge, and cutting-edge research go hand in hand. Business and science are mutually beneficial. And this relationship also applies to companies and their employees.

We have the best conditions for success: starting with the infrastructure for all kinds of businesses and extending to the exceptional environment for families and leisure time. The options to enjoy your time off - or rather to enjoy life - are limitless in the Rhine-Neckar region. The range of services that make it possible to combine work and family are diverse and yet a perfect fit, and the same goes for education and training. And not least, recognition for employees in Rhine-Neckar is also expressed in above-average earnings.

The region draws its strength from a very special blend: its landscape, history, tradition, and way of life. World-renowned historic sites. Three major cities with a vast industrial and cultural appeal. Together with charming towns and communities as well as varied landscapes awash with nature. Fantastic hiking, famous vineyards, more than a dozen starred restaurants, and numerous wine taverns on both sides of the Rhine and Neckar rivers. A sun-kissed climate. And above all, the fun-loving mentality of its people - a pleasure for tourists who love to visit, but even better for the ones who stay.

For you to feel right at home in the Rhine-Neckar region in no time at all, businesses and institutions have developed services to make the arrival of you and your family a little bit easier. For instance, the "Newcomers Guide" magazine in German and English tells you about life and work in the Rhine-Neckar region. What's more, it is easy to find a personal contact to help you find your way in an instant.

Our Featured Event

The 2019 Newcomers Festival will be held on Sunday 8 Sept. at Frankfurt’s City Hall (Römer). This annual event attracts over 5,000 international visitors, up to 60 exhibitors (companies, clubs, organizations). It's a family-oriented event that welcomes the international community to the region. For more information about exhibiting or attending, go to www.newcomers-festival.de


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