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Germany has a wide range of childcare options. For children under three, nursery schools (Kinderkrippe) offer programs which are supervised by trained educators and are usually run by private or public agencies or churches. Children older than three usually go to kindergarten. For school-aged children, many schools or other organizations now offer before- and after-school care (Betreuung or Hort). Additionally, in-home daycare is becoming more popular. Due to shortages of spots, it is important to research the options and register your child as early as possible because there may be a waiting list. An overview of the daycare services in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region can be found under www.kinderbetreuungsdatenbank.de.

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On Monday 5 February will we learn more about the American German Business Club in Frankfurt. AGBC President Vera Thiers will provide an overview of this very active business club and also provide insight into its Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow startup competition, which is celebrating its 10th anniverary this year.


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