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During the gray winter season, there is nothing better than spending a day in a thermal mineral springs spa. The thermal spa tradition in Germany dates back to the Roman era, and the concept of a healthy body and soul is still valued very highly. Along with the more traditional therapeutic baths, there is also a growing market for larger wellness complexes that offer activities for the whole family. The water parks of the Rhine-Neckar Region are:

    Geinstraße 3; 67346 Speyer
    Tel: +49 (0)6232 625 1500

    Freizeitbad Salinarium
    Kurbrunnenstraße 28; 67098 Bad Dürkheim
    Tel: +49 (0)6322 - 93 58 65

    LaOla Landau
    Horstring 2; 76829 Landau in der Pfalz
    Tel: +49 (0)6341 139200

    Miramar Weinheim
    Waidallee 100; 69469 Weinheim
    Tel: +49 (0)6201 6000 0

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On Monday, 5 November, the International Stammtisch will feature a special presentation about Kompass, the Frankfurt center for startups. Kompass offers a range of programs to help launch new businesses, apply for funding, and network with other entrepreneuers. This event will be hosted by the Frankfurt School of Finance


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