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Technoseum Technoseum

Ever since Karl Benz patented the world‘s first motorized car from his workshop in 1886, Mannheim has been considered the cradle of Germany‘s industrial revolution. It is only fitting that 200 years of industrial history are on display at the highly popular Technoseum. This comprehensive museum displays engineering and social history, as well as interactive experiments in natural sciences and technology. There are also regular special exhibitions on topical issues in natural sciences, technology and society.

Museumsstr. 1; 68165 Mannheim
Tel: +49 (0)621 - 42 98-9

Kunsthalle Mannheim

Located across the street from the Mannheim Water Tower, the Kunsthalle Mannheim is a musuem of modern and contemporary art. Its strengths are paintings from Édouard Manet to Francis Bacon, as well as the sculptures of Rodin, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Henry Moore and Marino Marini. Thanks to a 50 million euro donation from SAP founder Hans-Werner Hector, the museum will be renovated and new wing built by 2017.

Friedrichsplatz 4; 68165 Mannheim
Tel: +49 (0)621-2936 413

Auto & Technik MuseumSinsheim

Opened in 1981, the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim is a sprawling collection of vintage cars, aircraft, locomotives and military equipment. Thanks to outdoor display of the Air France Concorde supersonic jet, the museum can easily be seen from the highway. Run by a non-profit association, the museum features the largest collection of Formula One race cars in the world. In 1991, a second museum in Speyer was opened. Here, visitors can walk through a Boeing 747 jet, a German U9 submarine, or the Buran which is the Russian version of the U.S. space shuttle. Both museums also feature an IMAX Theater.

Auto & Technik Museum
Museumsplatz; 74889 Sinsheim
Tel: +49 (0)7261-9299-0

Technik Museum Speyer
Am Technik Museum 1; 67346 Speyer
Tel: +49 (0)6232 - 6708-0


Nibelungenmuseum Nibelungen Museum

The mythical Germanic poem Nibelungen is an legendary tale of love and hate, pride and death. Because many of the poem‘s scenes are set in and around Worms, it is no wonder that the city fathers decided to open a Nibelungen Museum in 2001. Using high-tech visual aids, visitors can learn about all aspects of the ancient Nibelungen legend and myths. Part of the museum is built into the Worms city wall, making for an authentic museum experience.

Fischerpförtchen 10; 67547 Worms
Tel: +49 (0)6241-853 41 20

Kurpfälzisches Museum

Founded in 1870, the Kurpfälzisches Museum is an art and archaeological museum mainly focussed on the city of Heidelberg and its surroundings. The museum features a broad collection of objects from the 15th to 20th century, ranging from paintings, archaeological finds, sculptures and historical items relating to Heidelberg.

Hauptstraße 97; 69117 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 (0)6221-5834 020

Historical Museum Pfalz Speyer

History comes alive at the Historical Museum Pfalz, which is the most visited museum in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Museum hosts five permanent exhibitions on different aspects of the Rhineland-Palatinate‘s history, ranging from the Romans to wine culture. There is also a hands-on Youth Museum. The museum is also a popular location for rock concerts, costume parties, and other events.

Domplatz 4; 67346 Speyer
Tel: +49 (0)6232 - 13 25 0

Wilhelm Hack Museum

The trademark of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen is a massive exterior fassade by Joan Miró . Considered the most important museum for modern and contemporary art in Rhineland-Palatinate, the museum has a broad collection of modern art which includes works from Mondrian, Kandinsky, Roy Lichtenstein and Warhol. The museum is named after the Cologne businessman Wilhelm Hack, who donated his art collection to the city of Ludwigshafen in 1971.

Berliner Straße 23; 67059 Ludwigshafen
Tel: +49 (0)621-504-3045

Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums MannheimMuseum

The Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums (or as a locals say, “rem“ ) is actually seven museums spread throughout the city of Mannheim. With a total exhibition area of 11,300 m2 and 1.2 million objects, the rem is one of the largest museum complexes in southern Germany. Exhibitions take place in four different locations - the Zeughaus Museum in C5, the Museum of World Cultures in D5, the Schillerhaus Museum in B5, 7 as well as ZEPHYR - Room for Photography in C4,9. www.rem-mannheim.de

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