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Welcome to Frankfurt and Rhein Main! Join our Community with more than 120.000 Newcomers and Expats from more than 100 Countries.

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Join our Community with more than 120.000 Newcomers from more than 100 Countries.

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Making life easier for Newcomers

Our purpose is to make life in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region easier for Newcomers from all over the world. For over 20 years the Newcomers Network is providing valuable advice and insider tips! Meet fellow Newcomers and Business Contacts, share and gather information. Newcomers Network supports you and your entire family with useful information. We help you to meet and stay in touch with the network of more than 120.000 expats from over 100 countries.

We seek to make life in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region as easy as possible for Newcomers from all over the world. To this end, for more than 20 years now the Newcomers Network has been busy providing invaluable advice and tips, important contacts and information, recommendation on all the great things you and the family can do to enjoy life in the region – not to mention linking you up with the network of more than 120,000 other “expatriates” from over 100 different countries who now love living in Frankfurt Rhein-Main.

My Life as a Newcomer…

Frankfurt is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Germany. And it is very warm and welcoming to newcomers like me. The Newcomers Network is an innovative initiative, that assists and supports newcomers and makes their settling down process simple, interesting and exciting too. A big thank you and all the very best to the Newcomers Network.

Dr. Amit Telang
Consul General of India, Frankfurt

Newcomers Guide

This 194-page book is published annually and contains a wealth of information about living and working in the Frankfurt Rhein Main region. Specifically targeted for the international community, the Newcomers Guide takes readers step-by-step through the process of adjusting to life in the region. With objective editorial content, the Newcomers Guide is the “bible” for expatriates in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region.


International Stammtisch

This is a casual get-together which takes place every first Monday of the month. The Website offers an interactive Community Forum to enable longer-standing newcomers to assist the fresh ones – or simply swap experiences and solutions. A variety of subjects can be discussed and new topics posted for discussion…Of course you can also sign up here for our Newcomers Newsletter – it appears at irregular intervals and features any manner of relevant information and invitations.

Newcomers Guide

The NewcomersNetwork also produces an immensely useful A4-format book: The Newcomers Guide.Divided into nine insightful and objective chapters explaining the ins and outs of life in Frankfurt Rhein Main and with four extra chapters providing general information on a variety of subjects the Guide is designed to enable English speaking newcomers to get off to a good start in the region. Published annually since 2002, it has long since evolved into an essential reference guide that takes readers step-by-step through the process of embracing life in the region.