When moving into a new apartment in Germany, most people keep the same electricity provider used by the previous tenant. In the Frankfurt area this is often Mainova. Be sure to take a look at your electricity meter and write down its status at the time you move in. Otherwise, the electricity company may estimate your bill for the first month based on the previous tenant’s habits.

Utilities have been deregulated in Germany, and there are many different providers. If you want to use a different provider than that of the previous tenant, contact a power company by phone. To compare prices, visit the German-language website verivox or check24.

Much like the rough-and-tumble world of telecommunications, it is also “buyer beware” when it comes to choosing an energy provider. Many energy companies offer you a cheap rate in the first year and then increase rates in the second. Contracts typically run for 12 months, so make note of the renewal deadlines. Once you have made your choice, you sign the contract, and the energy company will take it from there.